1- To flourish the graduates with capacity of;
Having universal vision, liberated and dressed with scientific idea and respectful for human rights,
Having balance and confidence physically, spiritually, morally, emotionally and in mind,
Accord with Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions and adopted national, moral, humanitarian and cultural values,
Keeping Community benefits above his/hers personal interests and fulfilled with family, country and nation,
Meeting with the expectations of society, providing professional competency to enable their own livelihood and happiness, possessing communication skills and entrepreneurialism, being resourceful, reasonable, incessant learner, like to inquire and capable of empathy.

2- Making scientific study and research by utmost use of  technological advantage, usage and spread of scientific information and data, sharing experiences gained by organizing  panels, seminars and conferences at governmental, educational and industrial establishments and giving support to regional sustainable development


1- To become such an intelligence centre to which civic and private organizations will consult for projects and solutions, and allow people to reach, share and use the most significant value, “knowledge” supported via its founded technical infrastructure which supports continuous improvement and innovation and accords with the requirements of time.

2- To become a preferred educational institution by creating a scientific environment where lecturers will benefit of working in harmony consequently contributing to improvement of modern teaching staff, teamwork, and peace of work environment.

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