Soma Vocational School of Celal Bayar University was instituted in 25.01.1994 targeting to educate the graduates who meet the expectations of society, will have professional competence for their own livelihood and happiness, have communication skills, entrepreneurial, innovative, rational, capable of continuous learning and questioning and empathy, will be embraced with national, moral, humanitarian and cultural values in line with Atatürk's principles and Revolutions.

In line with this goal, Soma Vocational School, was started its first education with Electricity program in 1994-1995 terms following with Mining and Mechanics programs in 1995-1996 and 1996-1997 terms, subsequently. Nowadays, it keeps on educating on seven different programs which are Mechatronics and Drilling Technology Programs started in 2008, Graphic Design Program started in 2009 and Occupational Health and Safety Programs started in 2012.

Starting from 2003 – 2004 academic year spring term, Soma Vocational School was moved into its new place allocated by TEIAS(Turkish Electricity Transmission Company)with two blocks (one for administration other for classrooms), later following two extra blocks were also allocated for education (18 classrooms) labs, cafeteria and dining room.  At present, Soma Vocational School extends to constructed area of 8150m2 within 16000 m2 open-space range including 18 classrooms, two buildings with a capacity of 5 workshops, 3 laboratories, one canteen/cafeteria heating through thermal energy supplied by nearby Coal-Fired Thermic Central and a car-park.

Improvements continue on physical conditions of Soma Vocational School.

Number of Academic Staff:

Prof. Dr. : 1 

Assoc. Prof. : - 

Assist. Prof. Dr. : 3 

Lecturer : 15

Number of Administrative Staff:

GİH : 5

THS : 2

Support Service : 1

Number of Classroom: 18 

Number of Laboratory : 2

Number of Workshop: 5

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