Mining Technology

In the world and especially in Turkey, necessity to underground sources increases constantly. In this context, mining is an industrial sector that shows continuous improvement. Prospection of further ore deposits and feasibility studies of ore extraction to decide operating expenses, such as start or stop the productions, are technical issues which requires extensive research. In particular, ever-increasing industrial requirements to all sorts of mining, quarrying and mineral processing practices offer Mining Technicians to find easy posts which makes Mining Technology Program popular in consequence for all prospective students. 

Department of Mining of Soma Vocational School was first instituted in 1995-1996 academic year under the name of Mining Program later its title was changed to Mining Technology Program a division of Mining and Mine Extraction Department since January, 2011. Since then several pre-bachelor graduates placed into many posts, most of them into underground lignite coal mines in Soma region as well as gold, borax, chromite etc. mining neighbouring counties, with considerable salaries. There are some recently started recruits and/or veterans in the sector continue their education successfully in Mining and Mine Extraction Department.

Most of all, more than half of the graduates are able to success in DGS exams which give them opportunity to register for mining, geological and geophysical engineering studies in related departments of universities every year.

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