Drilling technician works as technical staff during, mining, oil, water, geothermal energy and ground prospection drillings and/or supports mechanical, mining engineers during cylindrical excavation works.

Main goal is to educate students to turn out to a drilling technician to explore the underground richness, and geotechnical applications with their best capacity. Students who complete the program will receive Drilling Technician title and equipped with information to use the drilling machine, read geological and topographical maps and drill-logs and do all necessary tests and experiments on the field. The graduates will have opportunities on posts of MTA, DSI, TKI, Provincial Bank, TPAO, TC Highways, government agencies, as well as in the drilling companies of private sectors.Engineering projects aimed to solve common ground problems especially at locations susceptible to natural disasters are required drilling works for ground research. In addition, drilling technicians are needed for the prospection of groundwater sources, evaluation of potential water resources, etc. 

Most of all, quite a number of the graduates are able to success in DGS exams which give them opportunity to register for geological, geophysical and petroleum engineering studies in related departments of universities every year.

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