As it may be known machines has a particular importance in the manufacturing industry. In developed countries, increasing the share of manufactured value of machine-building industry contributes high income and investment. In Turkey, the competitiveness of the economy has increased parallel to the developments in machine-building industry comparable to other countries of the world. As a result of these criteria, Machinery Technician Program turns out to be more and more favourite.

Department of Machine and Metal Technologies were first introduced in 1997-98 academic year named as Industrial Machinery Program. In the 2002-2003 academic years, it was served to educate technicians as Machinery Program in scope of METEP project. Since January, 2011 education resumes as Machinery Program under Machine and Metal Technologies Department. Graduates are trained as intermediate staff (technicians) to meet demands in the relevant sections of factories operating in private sector and industry. Graduates are able to work on all kinds of mechanical systems such as machine tools manufacturing, installation, maintenance and fault diagnosis. Technicians may open their own private businesses, as well.

Most of all, quite a number of the graduates are able to success in DGS exams which give them opportunity to register for Machine, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering studies in related departments of universities every year.

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