Being new and popular science of our age science of mechatronics may be thought as an interdisciplinary concept of mechanics, electricity-electronics and computer sciences which bring solutions to technological problems accord with customer requirements. 

Nowadays as part of our daily lives, anyone can see widespread use of photos, videos, photocopying and washing machines dressed with smart hardware such as CDs, sensors, computer control mechanisms which are typical Mechatronic System examples.  Mechatronics has wide range of applications ground including vehicles airbag safety systems, anti-lock braking systems, remote-controlled door locks, engine and power systems control, passenger safety systems, NC, CNC, , industrial welding robots, robots used in space exploration, military robots for the destruction of mines, bomb carriers and similar robots, aircraft systems, garage door automatic opening systems, security systems, climate control systems, manual and automatic controlled hydraulic brakes etc., and particularly on MR vanities, and ultrasonic medical devices in medicine, home and office applications, various hand tools, material handling and construction machines with the House robots, security systems, agriculture, banking, mining automation technologies and so on. 

Important quality and functionality changes on industrial products have developed according with emerging world markets and technology. While rapidly evolving technology and ever-changing market conditions necessitate more and more cost-effective and quality products, customer expectations has evolved in the direction of flexible and multifunctional products.

Graduates are trained as intermediate staff (technicians) to meet demands in the relevant sections of factories operating in private sector and industry. We believe technical staff needs should be eased with the support of our department.

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