graphıc desıgn

Graphics is an art of visual communication. Communication facilities is constantly improving so visual communication techniques are come to the fore in all areas of our life. In such an environment, promotion and advertising are becoming more important. To provide communication between people, which is one of the aim of graphic design has an important place in these areas. Continuous development of communication technology in the world, the proliferation of mass media types make countries and cultures closer to each other. This situation increases the importance of visual communication.

Graphic design is closely related with many areas of contemporary life. Located in the area of publishing of newspapers and magazines, books, tapes and CD covers, all of the design works as a graphic design products. As advertising and promotion company logos, press ads, billboards and posters take place in the graphic design area. Indeed the graphics and animations used on television, the labels and packaging of the products, the internet websites (web pages) are directly related with graphic design.

This program aims to be a solution to the lack of trained technical personnel in graphic design area. It will give contemporary teaching not only training technical staff, but also gives them the environmental sensitivity, makes them questioning, synthesizing, creative person who has aesthetic values in life. countries to add value to the primary goal is. Desired graduate profile requires a good designer with a rich view of the world phlosophy, studying, examining, open-minded, sensitive and creative.

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